Principal elements used in Oligotherapy
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DELETE Nov 16-23:26 Senta-178 (US)> I would like to learn more about oligotherapy!
DELETE May 31-18:36 Dr. Nancy Frank-249 (usa)> I would like to learn more about the use of oilgotherapy
DELETE Aug 13-22:17 Mikael-44 (Germany)> What you wrote about cobalt: there's a sudden switch to chrome making things quite unclear! Could you correct this? Thanx a lot. Mike
DELETE Sep.23 18:39 Bella-106 (Canada)> Need help with stressed induced acne
DELETE Sep.23 18:40 Bella-106 (Canada)> acne
DELETE Aug.19 03:29 Heathir-199 (Canada)> Which combination of Oligo elements would most likely benefit an adult with progressive scoliosis

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