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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

Greetings! We arrive again, dear Ones! A great many events continue to unfold in your realm and
in ours. As we have stated in recent messages, your realm is approaching the time when we will
be announcing some truly astonishing occurrences. Until then, we ask you, once again, to remain
focused on a quick and positive resolution of the forthcoming issues. Much is being
accomplished and, in the past month, the political climate on your world has sharply shifted
toward our common victory. Moreover, events in this galaxy demonstrate that our merger with the
former dark forces of Anchara has achieved its conclusion. All sectors of this galaxy have reached
an accommodation with each other. A recent meeting of the Galactic Federation's Main Council
passed a proposal regarding the interaction of the Galactic Federation's 24 Regional Councils.
These documents include the final segments of this galaxy's permanent peace treaty. They make
possible a Milky Way Galaxy that now is more united in the Light than ever before.

On top of this extraordinary success, our liaison missions to a huge group of nearby galaxies
are proceeding favourably. Here, we must pause to formally acknowledge the assistance of the
ruling council of our closest neighbor, the Andromeda galaxy. Thanks to their help, and to useful
contacts in many other galaxies, the Intergalactic Union has reached a number of new
agreements concerning how we can best expand our numbers. As a result of these accords, our
members number approximately 30,000. We now claim a membership that extends outward in
all directions for many billions of Light Years. This process has allowed us to see how the
gracious hand of the Creator unfolds this present Creation. We are most grateful that the Creator
and Heaven have given us the responsibility to shape physicality and carry out the many decrees
of the divine plan. To us, this compassionate work is of utmost importance. At its very heart lie
your realm and the steps that must yet be taken to transform your world into a glowing orb of
Light. To that work we devote the remainder of this message.

Your world is changing on many different levels. In some previous messages, we have
explained this process. Now, we will expand upon that information. As you know, many realities
surround you. Those most closely resembling yours serve as 'alternative worlds', in which many
different scenarios are possible. There, exist many other 'lives', connected to yours by being part
of your 'soul group'. In fact, these 'parallel realities' give you an understanding of how to conduct
yourself in various situations that you will encounter in this lifetime. Here, you also collectively
determine how to sequence the 'true' timeline for this reality. These processes are connected to
our reality and to its 'parallel' realities. Heaven and the workings of the divine plan supervise this
process. To better understand it, you must see these events as a series of connected vortexes. At
their center exists a major vortex, which controls the rate at which each smaller vortex in the
system turns.

The rate of rotation is an energy potential that drives each vortex. This 'energy' is, in fact, true
inter-dimensional Light, which only slightly resembles waves of radiant energy. It differs in that it
propagates in all directions simultaneously and travels instantly from place to place. It also
possesses an infinite amount of energy, whose level (assigned potential) is adjusted by the
collective nature of the specific reality that it occupies. Remember that each reality orders its
series of fundamental 'rules' and determines its construction. These things are a given condition
that can be altered according to the wish of the collective. As you process the events and
situations that shape your present life, visualize the workings of this complex function. You
glimpse it, briefly but infrequently, in your dreams, when you collectively 'work things out' between
your parallel realities and the advice you intuitively receive from your inner councils. Now, let us
examine how your inner councils help you.

You know that you are physical angels and that representatives of your heavenly 'Life-stream'
and various angelic Councils on your inner 'team' are assisting you. They help you to interpret
your life contract and to see how and when certain critical events in your life will unfold. They also
confer with your Full Self and with the many 'thought forms' that surround you. Since they easily
foresee the future and can critically evaluate your 'past', their counsel is most valuable to you.
They communicate with you in three ways. First, they provide the intuitive or 'gut' feelings about
current or upcoming life issues. Second, they symbolically present you with dreams that can often
influence your decisions. Finally, they act as a 'conscience' when you need it. They also act as an
interpreter when you must deal with your other 'lives' in other parallel realities.

Your inner councils are multi-leveled. Some are here merely to look at your present life in this
physical reality. Most others come to help you interpret the divine plan correctly and to transfer the
knowledge and wisdom of this life to Heaven. Bear in mind that this reality is an illusion that the
Creator has conceived to aid Heaven in unfolding the divine plan. You are part of the way Heaven
carries out this sacred task. Your mission is to take this part of Creation that is you and cast it
willingly into the strange 'soup' called physicality. During this procedure, you have spread yourself
into countless locales. With the knowledge gleaned from this activity, you have helped Heaven to
fulfill its sacred duties. This, in turn, has exposed you to events that are unique, both collectively
and individually. Thus, it has given you an unparalleled perspective on Creation.

That perspective forms an incomparable body of wisdom. In applying it, both you and your
inner Councils have created a life and formed a connection with all other sentient life forms in
physical Creation. This sacred connection has given you the means to carry out your life's
mission, whose foundation is your great Love for each other. This results in compassion based
upon the deep realization that you are working together to complete your shared responsibilities.
To assist you, Heaven, from time to time, has increased the potential of your reality. This has
accelerated your ability to work through your life and achieve your objectives. This, in turn, affects
the next cluster of realities, which react to your new, higher potential and increase their rate of
'spin'. Thus, the potential of these reality clusters moves readily ever upward.

When any physicality reaches the critical level of its full potential, it can then shift into its next
embodiment. Every Creation has a holistic level, or what we can call its 'full given potential'. You
are part of a process that allows those potentials to be reached. The final shape of physical
Creation will consist of ten fully potentialized Creations that surround a sacred vortex center of
Heaven. These 'sacred eleven' form the basis of all that magically exists! This is the reason that
you associate the number 11 with magic in nature. It is also the reason that the number eleven
has long been associated with the Sirius star system. And, because it combines your galaxy's
best expression of the magic of Spirit with physical matter, it is here that the Blue Lodge of
Creation found its galactic home.

Today, we have continued our discussion of the operation of this physicality. We intend to
share this knowledge with you, so that you may use it freely to assist whatever is unfolding
around you. Be wise and, above all, discern the best uses of the resources that Heaven has
bestowed upon you. We now take our leave. Blessings! Know, dear Hearts, that the countless
Abundance and Prosperity of Heaven is yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be
One! Be in Joy!)

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation (Spirituality, New-Age - UFOs)    -    Author : jessy - USA

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