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AL GORE An Inconvenient Truth

This movie is so shattering that it is impossible to me to do not invite you to be going to see it. Al Gore, the ex candidate against Bush, makes a clear and clean description, supporting with numbers, there of what we get ready to live if we donít change our life style radically. Al Gore puts us in guard against all problems that we generate without ever us to make feel guilty . At the end he propose some solutions even so that we can take ourselves of it and can recover a level of pollution of the years 70.

It decorated me of our duty that to speak around us of this movie, to rent it to look in short at it between friends to use all means to relieve the information that there is collected.

AL GORE An Inconvenient Truth (Spirituality, New-Age - Ecology, Earth science)    -    Author : George - USA

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