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A wonderful story from Alex Mero

"The Legend", is an extraordinary story from the author Alex Mero about how to increase our knowledge by listening to our inner voice. The novel integrates philosophies of different cultures and teaches us to never sacrifice the desire to explore beyond the known for fear of the unknown. The book is interspersed with old wisdom and anecdotes from the authorís personal experiences.

"The Legend" helps us to understand how intuition can be a source of direction available to everyone of us and how powerful this intelligence can guide our lives when we follow its wisdom. According the author, every human being has the ability to access this intelligence and develop this sense to achieve his inner wish.

Alex Mero was born in Belgium in 1969. He grew up in Brussels and learned to speak fluently four languages. As a young man, he became a passionate traveller and a great observer of cultural diversity in the world. Trough the years, the author became more and more fascinated by the large variety of perceptions of life within every culture. Today Alex Mero shares his knowledge trough literature. He is a talented visionary and an inspirational author who developed a wonderful literary style.

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A wonderful story from Alex Mero (Spirituality, New-Age - Consciouness awakening)    -    Author : Anthony - Canada

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