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Aura Cameras are used to give individuals a visual representation their bio energetic state. Based on such biofeedback technologies and Galvanic Skin Response and Skin Temperature, Aura Cameras can measure these physiological inputs and then convert this information into digital displays through a computer interface. The resulting display is typically a depiction of what is traditionally known as the human aura and chakra.

Some aura photography machines run in real time, giving the participant the ability to see changes from one moment to another. Others take still Polaroid pictures and do not run through a computer interface. The advantage of a real time aura system is having the capability to display the effects of products or services rendered during the session.

Another aspect of aura imaging systems is their ability to print extensive reports for given sessions. Please note only aura cameras that interface with a computer are able to accomplish this feature. The printing of reports can be a simple postcard size photo cards to multiple page documents detailing numerous bio data information.

What is Inneractive Enterprises, Inc.'s Aura Video Station®?
AVS® uses the "hand" BIOSENSOR to Measure an individuals biofeedback data, which is the electro-dermal activity (Electrical Conductivity) of the skin and temperature in real time. This biofeedback data is analyzed, processed and correlated to specific emotional energetic states and is displayed as the electro-dermal activity or AURA IMAGE of a participant on a computer screen. The displayed AURA IMAGE is a representation a participant's bio-energetic field, emotional-energetic state, personality type and energetic wellness.

How can Aura Video Station® help your business grow?
Have you tried everything in your power to increase the foot traffic to your store or attempted to set yourself apart from the competition? There are many ways to improve business, but bottom line is the most important contributing factors are increasing your client base, while retaining your customers. Aura Video Station® is an extremely effective tool for not only building new clients, but also increasing client satisfaction in a revolutionary and engaging manner. You will no longer run out of creative ways to draw in, improve the lives of, and retain customers with the AVS®.

With the AVS® you will be able to show your clients the positive effects of your products and services with real time representations of their bio data. The colorful and esthetically pleasing interface is a powerful allure and stickiness factor (i.e. clients remembering you.). By giving your clients a visual tool to see the impact of your product/service they will have more of an incentive to purchase, which means more business for you and joyful customers. In addition, you can sell individual aura sessions via printed reports turning the Aura Video Station® into an excellent profit center.


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