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Links to Interesting Sites on the Catholic Church and Christianity

- Scrutinizing the Bible and the Christian Writings:

. The Rejection of Pascal's Wager, A Skeptic's Guide to Christianity.
The most comprehensive, well-documented and serious information on the Bible, Jesus Christ and Christianity.
Says Paul Tobin: "The major claims of Christianity are demonstrably untrue and, on balance, it has brought more harm than good to the world."

. Cygnus' Study: Debunking the Bible
Finding the contradictions in the Bible:
"I am asked many times in my debates with Christians to demonstrate some contradictions in the Bible. Here I have laid out 70 of them. I have broken them up into 5 categories: Contradictions on God, Contradictions on Law, Contradictions on Names or Numbers, Contradictions Based on Different Authors, and Contradictions that are just Silly."

- How Can Once-Believers leave the Church?

.Leaving Christianity
Why do Christian people become non-believers? Webmaster Steve Locks tells about his own experience of deconversion and offers links to other testimonials and various discussion groups.

. Born Again Fundamentalism - Hope or Hoax?
The author, a ex-born-again Christian, explains why he left the church and provides an e-mail list for ex-fundamentalists and those who are thinking of leaving. This site does not try to forcibly convert anyone into non-belief.
In this site you can find the following pages:

a) Leaving the Roman Catholic Church Email Discussion Group

b) Excommunication from the Roman Catholic Church
Why you should try and obtain your excommunication by the pope. The Roman Church never gives up a member, and therefore is able to claim millions of members who in fact no longer accept its doctrines and do not go to church nor contribute money. If you were baptized and then ceased to be a believer, they still count you in! This greatly enhances the Catholic Church's power.

. Former Priest Raymond Fontaine's Website
Raymond Fontaine, PhD, left the Catholic Church and has written a book on his experience. He wishes to help those who have lost faith in religion find a new spiritual balance. On his book "My Life with God" he writes: "The purpose of my book was to encourage people who have become disenchanted with their religious group. It shows them how to establish an independent and personal relationship with God."

. Libraries on Line and Information Sources:

. Chistian Classic Ethereal Library
The full text of all books from all authors of Christianity (Church fathers, Calvin, etc.), in English. No copyright.

. David Wiley's Website
All founding texts of all religions on the planet (Bible, Baghavad Gita, Jain texts, Sepher Yetzirah, etc...).

. e-library
To find all kinds of information sources about religions.

. Life of the Orthodox Church
An excellent introduction to Orthodox Christianity, including an explanation of its split with Roman Catholicism in 1054 and the numerous branches of Orthodoxy that exist today. Colorful icons, paintings and photographs complement the text, along with links to numerous resources.

- Full-length article on line:

In website: http://www.rense.com/general6/maf.html
"The Mafia, The CIA, & The Vatican's Intelligence Apparatus"
By David G. Guyatt 2000 by David G. Guyatt
From Nexus Magazine, Volume 7, Number 5, September-October 2000 in the USA only. (On the Vatican, Priory of Sion, Templars, Opus Dei ) . http://www.nexusmagazine.com/smokemirrors.html

- Books to read:

"The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold" - by Acharya S.
The author virtually proves that "Jesus Christ" is a mythical character. Attacked by atheists and apologists alike, The Christ Conspiracy may well be the most important book of our time. The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off !
Website: http://www.truthbeknown.com/christcon.html
In this website, find a whole page of links on the Jesus hoax.

"THE TEMPLAR REVELATION, Secret Guardians of the True Identity of Christ",
by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince, Bantam Press, 1997.
Sperling and Kupfer editions (1997)
USA: TOUCHSTONE, Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group (1999).
The Templars went to Palestine to seek Jesus' Tomb and writings on his life... And what did they found out instead?... The authors disclose true mysteries about the Knights Templar, and about whom the true "Jesus" originally might have been...
Website: http://www.hiddenmysteries.com/item100/item197.html

An excerpt from back cover of the US edition:
"Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince delve into the mysterious world of the Freemasons, the Cathars, the Knights Templar, and the occult to discover the truth behind an underground religion with roots in the first century that survives even today. Chronicling their fascinating quest for truth through time and space, the authors reveal an astonishing new view of the real motives and character of the founder of Christianity, as well as the actual historical - and revelatory - roles of John the Baptist and Mary Magdalene."

An excerpt from the book (Page 249):
"Many commentators have pointed out that the complete silence on the part of the New Testament about Jesus' marital status is very odd. Chroniclers of his time and place routinely described people in terms of what made them different from others - and for a man of over thirty not to have been married would have been virtually unique. It must be remembered that we rely on the picture of Jesus that was painted by the Gospel writers and their sources; their perspective was essentially Jewish. The Jews regarded celibacy as improper, for it suggested an unwillingness to father the next generation of the Lord's chosen people and was a matter for rebuke from the elders of the synagogue. Some second-century rabbis, according to Geza Vermes, 'compare deliberate abstention from procreation to murder."

And to review all of the subjects matters in the above-mentioned books, but in a more entertaining, novelistic way:
"Foucault's Pendulum" by Umberto Eco
Read the book online!
Website: http://textz.gnutenberg.net/textz/eco_umberto_foucault-s_pendulum.txt

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