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Hidden Information on the Catholic Religion The Elohim

"In the beginning, God created the sky and the earth": this is what we can read in the Bible. "God's spirit hovered over the abysses". An entirely false sentence, translated in a completely erroneous way to mislead the mass into a fundamental error; hence all kinds of superstitions in which the people were led. And the whole book follows in the same way.


"Genesis" comes from the word "Bereshit", which in Hebrew means action. It has a very large meaning, and also the sense of possessing and acquiring. In fact, this word of the beginning involves an action that someone is leading. Who is this someone translated by the word "God" and mentioned in the whole of the Bible, and who in fact in Hebrew is named "Aelohim"? "Aelohim" is the plural form of the singular "Aeloha"; and this plural form "Aelohim" therefore means "He, the Gods"; hence God and the hierarchies. That is why, when it is said "Let's make man to our image", it is impossible that a unique god might be saying this, because the plural for "God" does not exist in Hebrew. Therefore, it is a group, "Aelohim", a plural form. The singular form is "Aeloha", forty times mentioned in the Book of Job.
Consequently, each time they translated by "God" in the Bible, it was "Elohim". And each time it was "Elohim", a group was acting and was making an operation, an action on this plane. "In the beginning": is should be said "When the action began". God therefore created the "Elohim group" - he did not create them since the real word was "bana", meaning "to acquire and possess". Therefore, this Elohim group acquired and took possession of the sky and of the Earth.
As for the "sky", you must know that the true Hebrew word, which they translated by "firmament" means "space"; that when they spoke of continents the real word means "dry" earth, dried land. Consequently, the word "create" is a word that should be more exactly translated by "make emerge". This is not "pull out of the void", but "make emerge", and therefore realisgint the manifestation of this circuit.
When it is said "God's spirit", in fact, the true Hebrew word means "the wind of Elohim" - in other words, the breath coming from the vessels arriving close to the Earth.
"God's spirit hovered on the abysses": the real word for "abysses" is "sea", meaning "on the sea". Therefore it says "the breath from vessels of the Elohim hovered on the sea".
It is said: "He created them man and woman", meaning that the Elohim are male and female.
We therefore have a certain number of formulations oriented towards a whole set of superstitions which, in the original text, are quite illogical; they prove that a group of Elohim had arrived on Earth and had set up operations for the unfolding ot a programme intended to be used by the one who had acquired and who possessed this zone of space. Besides, as it is fully written in the Bible when they speak of this territory that they have acquired. We can give the references. This territory had been acquired in order to make this experience.
Many other translations have been distorted in the same way: boats instead of vessels, and a whole lot of information data of this kind, which need to be corrected throughout the whole text.
And there are many contradictions: for example, in the law of the Ancient Testament, it was forbidden to make any incision on the body: then I wonder what circumcision is! They forbid to drink alcohol and wine, for example; and then, what about this famous communion with bread and wine? Finally, he forbids this to his sons under punishment of being cast out of the elected people, etc.
We nevertheless must ponder the enormous swindle that rocks 700 millions or a billion supporters in a dream of illusion. This is an enormous hoax based on texts that were knowingly recopied again and again and wrongly translated, and that completely conceal the truth. And they forbid to have contacts with invisible spirits. I wonder how prophets then could receive their messages and teachings! Behind all this there is a treason of that which existed in the origin. This is the reason why I explained all this, to make you understand how truth is hidden and distorted and how the masses are manipulated with disguised and deformed truths.
Then certain beings devote their whole life to distorted truths. And billions and billions are spent for these distorted truths. And the whole mistake begins at spiritual level, continues at the level of energy and is retranscribed in the education, then in the structures of society, and soon in the utilization of all these energies for war and to feed deep demons. It is useless to wonder who falsified the truth in this way. It is sufficient to look a little lower and address those who profit from this. That is why "Timeless Voyage" is not an insignificant book, because it says the truth.
It will be necessary to write a book of junction between what we are living (in our organisation) and what hundreds of millions of beings live. As far as resurrection and the path of initiation are concerned, I think that we need to make a very specific book of exegesis; for it is not because a mass fell in collective dumbness that everybody must believe that this is the one and only truth. We need to pay close attention to this, because everything is connected.
"Hallelujah" for example means: "Ula Al Yahve" meaning "Praise Yahve". Therefore it is a very early "brunch" word, like "breakfast-lunch". But in any case, you must know this. "El Shadaï" is the contraction of "Elohim-Shadaï", the Almighty chief of the Elohim. Therefore Yahve - Yahve-Elohim - was the chief of the Elohim. And when takes "bene-a-Aelohim" and translates "God's sons", in fact this meant "the sons of Elohim". And therefore "the sons of Elohim" have been wrongly translated into "God's sons". This is a detail, but those accumulated details in a text that has been read and read again and again are eventually creating a kind of well-made but entirely false organization.
It is useless to mention that those "Sons of God" were soon made into "the angels": angels in the firmament, this is superb! But in short, this nevertheless meant the sons of Elohim in space, and this is much more realistic but, in fact, as sacred, in a way. They nevertheless are evolved beings and deserve respect, even it they are the Elohim.
And when is said that "the angels found the women of men so beautiful that they paired off with them", we better understand if they were sons of the Elohim.
Let's remain lucid and avoid making an ancient text into a more or less elaborated book of magic. Let's take it as a text of historical account, and the lucid analysis of events that took place, leading the true believers of these texts, or rather of this tradition, to look up at the sky with specific attention and to enter a specific process put themselves in correlation with the energy systems likely to put them in relation with these Elohim.
For when it is written "wild beasts" while, in the original text, in fact, it means "animals that are on the earth"; or when they have translated into "living animals" while in the original text it meant "living souls", all this needs a lot of thinking.
We can see that, systematically, certain elements of creative force, in the astral plane and in the plane of living souls, for example, were suppressed, and they spoke of "living animals" instead. This means that, in the whole ensuing education, the psyche was negated. They made an education of the mental intellect, or physical exercises; but they completely negated the intermediary psyche and energy levels. Why? Because they ignored the laws of that intermediary level; and this ignorance was all in favour of those who foment wars from below and who feed on the blood of victims. This intermediary level is the vehicle of the intermediate astral world of energy.
All on this plane is very well organised and it utilises and manipulates all of the human being's live forces to turn them into something else than that they were meant to be.
If something in yourself resonates with this truth, you cannot sleep. And you cannot say than you have no means to act, since you can take a Bible. You take a Bible in Hebrew, you translate it precisely, exactly as the words are written in this Bible, and you see that everything written in the other translation is false. Therefore, do not say the means are missing. There are millions and millions of Bibles distributed everywhere. It is sufficient to see that everything that is told in there, and everything that came out of it under the form of dogmas and like systems is completely incomplete and biased. So, you have a billion of followers to whom you can bring fundamental explanations.

Hidden Information on the Catholic Religion The Elohim (Spirituality, New-Age - Religions)    -    Author : Cyrile - Canada

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