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Hidden Information on the Catholic Religion

"And What About God, in all This Mess?"

"As I was quickly striding along a Parisian sidewalk during a hot July day, a man lowered against a wall called out to me: "Do you believe in God?" Without slowing down my stride, I answered at once "This is an obvious fact". But he at once exclaimed: "No! This is a necessity!"
To close this dialogue, while moving away from the philosopher of the asphalt, I shouted "It is the same!" , but I am not certain he heard me. While continuing my path, I had a doubt: Is God an obvious fact or a necessity? I don't know, after all. This is a vain question, just as questions that can be asked by theologians, or by a drunken man in 18th precinct of Paris.
For me, the problem of God's existence was never a question because I never ever thought, not even for one moment, that the universe might have emerged out of nothingness. And when I see a thinking being proclaim that he or she is atheistic, I am always astonished and I can't take them seriously. Imagining that the universe has no origin is honestly unimaginable. But I am even more ill at ease with these so-called religious people who keep telling you about God's Love, while their heart obviously is full of something totally different.
Since ever I have thought that all the gods exist, and that it is their right. But instead of the "Celestial Father", I have an inclination towards the "Divine Mother". No one instilled this belief in me. My faith in God's feminine nature comes from an intimate experience. To be quite honest, I never really liked the "Unique God" of dogmatic religions. Therefore, I looked for something elsewhere. All sensitivities must be satisfied. I even prayed to obtain my transfer out of Judeo-christianity, but this illness is irreversible. Am I a Pantheist? A Pagan? Those are but labels invented by priests who bless cannons and slaughterhouses.
I believe that the Great Goddess is slowly re-emerging out of the unconscious where patriarchal religions choked it. This is what I have said to myself, and I am rather glad. As for having "the faith" or not having it, this cannot be discussed. There is nothing to prove. It is as simple as love."

Hidden Information on the Catholic Religion (Spirituality, New-Age - Religions)    -    Author : Cyrile - Canada

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