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FENG SHUI use of Crystals

“Feng Shui” is an oriental art that deals with the harmonization of ether energy flows. In any place, might it be the human body or the house, the ether or vital energy, which is the vehicle of Life, must always be free to flow, exactly as the air (feng) and the water (shui) do. When the flow is right, the place is alive. Through the commitment to very simple rules, one is able to purify one’s environment and to organize one’s life in harmony according to the very beneficial presence of ether energy.
The Ki must be encouraged to flow into your house according to a vibrational pattern. If the Ki was left by its own, he would tend to flow through any place quickly and straight away, without releasing its living energies. Three aligned doors in a row create the worst configuration, where the main entrance and the backyard door are directly facing one another. If your house is built this way, you may just leave the intermediate door closed as much as possible, or dissimulate the backyard door behind a screen of plants or fabrics or even attach a crystal or a chime close to the ceiling so that the Ki may come upwards instead of flowing through. A house or a flat has always four positive and four negative areas.

Positive areas

Principal area: the Principal area is always opposite the main entrance in a house. In Eastern cultures, it is called “Fu Wei” which means “good life”. It is the ideal place for bedrooms.

Health area: the Health area represents health, vitality and friends. It is also called “T’ien Yi” the “celestial medicine man”. By activating this area, placing crystals or chimes, one can influence the healing of very ancient illnesses for which the modern medicine has proved useless. This area is ideal for the main bedroom or even the dining room.

Longevity area: the Longevity area represents peace, balance and harmony. It is a very important place for enhancing harmonious relationships within the family members. It is a good place for the grand parents’ room. You may stimulate this place with crystals and mirrors when disturbances appear within the family.

Prosperity area: the Prosperity area represents material evolution, financial wealth and promising opportunities in life. It is the ideal place for the office or the kitchen or any room where you deal with financial considerations. But it is the worst zone for a bathroom or the toilet, as all running water in this area will make you loose money. This place has to remain enlightened as much as possible and stimulated by huge crystals and personal intimate objects.

Negative areas

Death area: the Death area is also called “Chueh Ming” which means the “absolute plague”. It is the worst area in the house for it is related to casualties, troubles, illnesses and other curses. It is a good place for the toilets, as the flush will regularly evacuate the negative Ki. If your main entrance opens directly onto this area, you should put something in between in order to deviate the Ki otherwise you might have serious troubles in your health and wealth.

Disaster area: the Disaster area is also called “Ho Hai” which means “danger and injuries”. This area is much more related to minor casualties, frustrations, delays and minor loss. It is a good place for food stock, toilets or washing and drying machines.

Six Shar area: the Six Shar or “Lui Shar” area means the “six deaths”. In this place, you tend to delay your decisions or you may get trapped into endless judiciary cases. It is a good place for the kitchen or the toilets.

Five Ghosts area: the Five Ghosts area represents the possibilities of fire, thief and financial run outs. It the main entrance opens onto this area, you might get robbed or have a fire in the house. It is a good place for toilets or food stocks.

All the eight previous areas are physically determined by the “trigram ” of your house. You may find all the relevant information in a specialised book on Feng-Shui.

Pa-Kua blow in

This is another way to assess a house according to the Ki flow. All you have to do is to superpose a magic square 3 x 3 upon the sketch of your house, with the main entrance at the bottom side of the square.

Wealth area: this area stands at the back left hand corner of the house (considering the main entrance to be the front side). It is related to money, finance and prosperity. In order to reach your purposes of wealth, you should activate this zone by increasing the incoming light and placing some crystals so that they may reflect the Ki in every direction.

Wedding area: this area stands at the back right hand corner of the house. It is not only related to couples, but also to friends and relatives with whom we do have a close relationship. If you wish to improve such a kind of exchange, you should activate this zone by increasing the light, placing some crystals or putting some nice personal objects belonging to you and your partner and photos of you both in a beautiful pleasant environment. If the relationship is not yet settled, you might just put some decorations symbolizing romantics, kindness and love.

Fame area: the Ffame area occupies the back third of the house, just between the wealth and wedding areas. Fame should be considered herein as the increase of standing and renown inside a community of people. But it is also possible to activate this zone if you wish to become a celebrity or a star. For such a purpose, you should increase the amount of light in the area, hang up some beautiful crystals and stick on the walls some photos of you and your idols, your certificates and other awards.

Family area: the Ffamily area is located on the medium left hand side of the main entrance. It represents the relatives and also the health. Its activation is beneficial when the family is a little spread out or one of the relatives has a serious health problem. It is advised to place a light and personal elements of the person we would like to recover or come back.

Children area: the Cchildren area is located on the medium right hand side of the main entrance. Its activation is worth when you have some troubles with your children or when you wish to have a child. In the first case, you may activate the zone using an element that sustains the dominant element of your children according to the cycle of production . If you wish to be pregnant, you may increase the diffused light in the area, hang up a crystal with a red ribbon or place some very young vigorous plants in the zone.

Knowledge area: the knowledge and studies area is located on the front left hand side of the main entrance. It is the ideal place for a library, a desk or a playroom because it is the very place where the mind will be highly stimulated. Its activation requires more light, crystals and materials for study and improvement of intellectual skills.

Career area: the Career area is located just in front of the main entrance. You may activate this area in order to gain some advance in your career or start another job. For this, you will have to increase the light, put some chimes and crystals and a few objects linked to your personal element. This is the perfect place for a phone, a desk, a computer, a fax, and so on related to office work.

Mentors area: the Mentors area is located on the right hand side of the main entrance. A mentor is a person who may help you in some way, materially, financially, psychologically or spiritually. In order to have mentors around you, you should activate this area with light, chimes and crystals. If you are thinking of a particular person, you may put in this place an object related to the personal element of this very person. The Mentors area is also linked to Voyage. If you want to travel, you should activate this area with your personal element and place photos or objects related to the place you would like to visit.

Good Ffortune area: the area located in the middle of the house is called the Good Fortune area or Spiritual Centre. This place must be correctly enlightened in order to centralize the people living in the house. It is the ideal place where to put a crystal centre light.


WealthFameWeddingFamilyGood FortuneChildrenKnowledgeCareerMentorsMain entrance

Be aware that you do not have any dark zone in the house where negative Ki might get accumulated. If you have any, just bring a light or put a crystal to allow Ki to come in.
If you have a Shar attacking the main entrance or the windows, you should get rid of it through Feng-Shui remedies.
Arranging a Pa-Kua mirror in the way of a Shar is the best way to get rid of a Shar coming from outside. Chimes and crystals are also efficient for such a purpose.
When a room is cold and dark, you may help Ki to come in by increasing light and placing a crystal (suspended with a red ribbon) in that room. If pipes are present in a room, the flowing fluids might attract Ki. In order to prevent such a phenomenon, you should hold chimes and crystals next to the pipes.

Any time you wish to eliminate bad effects of a negative Ki, you will have to provide more light, crystals, chimes or place an aquarium.
Near the main entrance, you are advised to place a light and several quartz crystals. They will attract the Ki and reflect it in every direction.
A door facing northwest is linked to the metal element, mentors and travels. You must activate such a zone with metal, clay or crystal objects.
Apart their esthetical side, crystals do attract the Ki before reflecting it in every direction.

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