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What's up with Nibiru ?

The pole shift predicted to occur in 2003 does not have to be the reality we
see. There is another way. Read and pass on!

Whatís up with Nibiru?

This question is being asked a lot these days. It seems that overnight the
subject of Nibiru has become a source of great interest and consternation.
The Council (9D Nibiruan Council) told me back in 1996 that this time would
come, when the subject of Nibiru would become a global issue, and when it
did, my real work, the work they spent 9 years training me for, would begin.

As more information is revealed to me, my understanding of Nibiru and its
relevance to us has changed. The Council has diligently trained me on
multidimensional concepts citing that only by viewing all events
multidimensionally can one begin to understand the events of our time, much
less life in the universe. The foundation of multidimensional thinking is
ALL TIME IS NOW. When we really understand what that statement means, we
have the key to resolving all the discrepancies about Nibiru as well as
other events taking place on and off our world. To do so we must stretch
our minds and our beliefs and move out of the fishbowl of our 3D reality and
linear thinking. ALL TIME IS NOW means that we exist in a sea of coexisting
simultaneous timelines.

If you were to stand at a chalkboard and draw horizontal lines across it,
one below the next, starting at the top of the board and working down to the
bottom, you would have a good visual example of ALL TIME IS NOW. Each of
those lines represents a timeline and each timeline exists in a dimension or
dimensional overtone.

Going further, events take place in each timeline and collectively are a
reality. An example of this would be jumping back into the year 1860 to a
certain date, place, time of day and into an event such as the birth of your
great, great grandmother. You could jump back to the moment when she drew
her first breath.

What scientists are now learning is that it is possible to jump in, out and
back and forth between timelines. Thatís what the Philadelphia Experiment in
the Ď40s was about. They made a ship disappear into thin air but what
really happened is that they sent it to a different timeline. We call this
time travel. It wonít be long before we are traveling interdimensionally
(timeline and dimension to timeline and dimension) as well as
interplanetarily (planet to planet).

Many of the ET races visiting us now take the concept of interdimensional
time travel for granted. I would venture to say that several of those races
used time travel to arrive on earth in this day and time. It is my
understanding that the ability to use time travel is encoded in our DNA, in
fact, that is how some of us got to earth at this time. If you are a
starseed or walk-in, in most cases you came from the future into the past to
be here today. That means you came from one timeline in the future into a
past timeline, now, to be here. Some of you even left your body in stasis
and projected your consciousness into a body here. That technology,
consciousness projection, also exists and we have seen examples of it in the
movies, ďThe MatrixĒ and ďExistenz.Ē In both films, the characters used
technology to project their consciousness into another place and time. So
consciousness projection is another form of time travel.
I believe that we here on Earth are being trained by ETs through books,
movies and other forms of entertainment to prepare us for entry into the
galactic neighborhood where all these concepts are considered elementary.

It requires a basic understanding of multidimensionality (multiple
timelines, realities, etc) to begin to make sense of our world today. With
so many ET groups and their channels sharing their versions of earthís
history and future itís no wonder that we are confused and overwhelmed by
all the conflicting stories. If we try to make sense of them using our
limited 3D linear thinking, we will find ourselves frustrated, disheartened
and distrustful. By viewing them multidimensionally we see how each version
fits into the universal puzzle because the puzzle contains multiple
timelines, realities, events, probabilities and so forth.

Earth is not the only planet where spiritual and physical evolution takes
place. It is my understanding that all planets and races are evolving in our
universe. If that is the case then Nibiru and its inhabitants are evolving
just like us. As we evolve, we create new realities such as our current
Information Age. With each new age or reality, a consciousness grid is
formed to support it. As this consciousness grid is strengthened and
expands by more and more people believing in it, it becomes a new dimension.
This is how we are creating a 4D and 5D dimension while still in 3D. The
more that people accept the reality of 4D and 5D, the more those
realities/dimensions are strengthened.

In the 5th dimension, a major pole shift and cataclysmic earth changes do
not exist. That reality only exists in 3D because the pole shift will only
occur when the 3D Nibiru passes 3D Earth. Those who want to stay in 3D will
experience a pole shift but those who wish to move to 5D will not. Let me
explain this a bit more.

To move into 5D we must shift to a new mass consciousness grid. I call this
Consciousness Shifting and it is another form of time travel in that a
portion of people on a planet can through the use of intent create a new
reality/dimension/version of their planet and shift (ascend) to it. We
already have 3 very distinct grids in which we collectively exist. They are
3D, 4D and 5D. As I said earlier, to avoid a pole shift we must have
established another reality and strengthened it to the point that we make it
as solid as our 3D reality. There will still be a 3D version but we wonít
be in that reality any longer. Itís like radio stations, they all exist
simultaneously but each one is a different version of reality. Using a
radio, we can tune in and out of different stations. We must become like
radios. This is where compassion comes into play. To become like radios,
we need to tune our DNA. To tune our DNA we need a tool. That tool is
compassion, not the 3D kind but the higher dimensional, multidimensional

Scientists have now proven that compassion can change carbon based DNA to
crystalline based so that it holds more light. When it holds more light it
is of a higher frequency. So to tune our DNA to a 5D frequency (5D vibrates
at a faster rate than 3D) we will need compassion to do it.

But thatís not all. We will need enough people using compassion with the
conscious intent to shift to a 5D reality to be successful and a
consciousness grid through which to create it. Each reality is built on a
framework, like a car is built on a chassis. The chassis provides the frame
and support for the car. We need a consciousness grid upon which to build
and support our new reality. To create a consciousness grid, we must have a
global event that requires a large group of people to make a particular
choice. Thatís where the events of 9/11 come in. With the attacks on the
World Trade Center and Pentagon, the people were called upon to make a
choice, compassion or revenge. Enough people chose compassion to create a
new consciousness grid (I call it the Compassion Grid). So now we have our
grid. The next step is to anchor it all over the world and at the major
grid points or sacred sites. We will begin that work this year with a trip
to Egypt in March.

Getting back to Nibiru, right now we can see Nibiru using medium-sized
telescopes. It isnít very far away, just past Pluto. If we were to do
nothing more to shift our consciousness, remaining where we are today, we
will have a pole shift. But, it will not be as severe as is being predicted
because we have already dimensionally shifted enough to avoid that. I
believe our degree of shifting is the reason why many of the predictions
have not come true.

Going further, the fact that we are just now seeing Nibiru instead of
several years ago tells us that we have shifted because the higher we shift
dimensionally the further away Nibiru will appear. If we had not shifted,
Nibiru would appear to be closer. Like a radio, the further away you move
the dial from a station the fuzzier it gets until it is gone. This brings
me to another point that needs explanation.

In movies when people disappear there is a short period of time where they
fade out. If you speed up the film it appears that they disappear instantly.
But if you slow down the film, you will see them fade out and then
disappear. This is what happens when a planet shifts dimensionally. So, in
regards to Nibiru, as we shift dimensionally Nibiru will appear to be
further and further away until, if we continue to shift high enough we wonít
see its 3D version at all. Why? Because we will no longer be in 3D!

So, yes, based on our present level of consciousness, Nibiru appears to be
just beyond Pluto. And based on calculations done now, it will be here in
late spring 2003 creating a slightly less dramatic pole shift than currently
predicted. But once again, that probability will only hold as long as we
stop shifting our consciousness now and I donít see this happening. Those
who choose to remain in the 3D world will experience a major pole shift. Now
if everyone decided to shift out of 3D, that wouldnít be the case. But I
wouldnít bet on that happening since there are those who do not have
ascension as part of their current incarnational plan.

Devin, Head the 9D Nibiruan Council says that Nibiruís return can be put in
the same category as the predicted cataclysmic events of May, 2000 (they
didnít happen), he is making that statement based on the timeline and
dimension we are projected to be in based on our rate of shift (ascension)
at the present time.

I realize that there is a lot of supporting information I havenít covered
that would make this more logical but it would take several more pages to
share it. So, I will leave the in-depth explanations for workshops. Per my
agreement of the Council, Iíll be traveling around the world in the next 2
years, teaching this multidimensional information and how we can avert a
major pole shift through ascension.

In closing, I hope with this explanation of multidimensional concepts that
you understand how everyonesí predictions are correct when viewed in their
proper timeline and dimension. And how we can change our experience of
Nibiruís passing through conscious intent and compassion, ascending our
planet, our children and ourselves out of harmís way. All thatís left is to
do it. The grid is in place, the time is now.

In Service,
Jelaila Starr
The Nibiruan Council

NOTE: This is not an official PAO posting. The information does not necessarily reflect the opinion or belief of PAO. Personal discernment is advised. It is being shared by like-hearted individuals. ENJOY!

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About the author:
Jelaila Starr is an internationally known channel, speaker, and messenger
for the Galactic Federation's Nibiruan Council. She is the author of We are
the Nibiruans and Bridge of Reunion. Through her lectures, workshops,
widely published articles and media appearances, Jelaila's message has
touched the hearts of people around the globe providing hope, inspiration,
and understanding.
As a gifted spiritual counselor, Jelaila works with individuals to assist
them with emotional clearing, healing relationships, and DNA Recoding.
Jelaila's unique approach enables her clients to discover who they are, what
they came to do, how to achieve it. Jelaila can be reached at (816)
Email: jelaila@NibiruanCouncil.com
Website: http://www.NibiruanCouncil.com

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