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> Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

Greetings! We arrive once more, dear Hearts! Much has yet to occur in
> the mix of events over which Heaven is so carefully presiding. Your
> local Spiritual Hierarchy and the most Holy ones from A-E-O-N have
> prepared some surprises that will manifest upon your world in due time.
> You and your fellows, who now inhabit this earthly plane, are the
> essential component in all of these forthcoming events. You must
> always remember the Truth that underlies the construction of your
> reality. We have spent a good many messages explaining its operation.
> Although this illusory realm seems real and substantial, in fact, its
> appearance and even its apparent power over you depend solely upon
> your belief in its existence. Realize, instead, how ephemeral it really
> is.
> Your reality teeters on the very brink of some exceedingly important
> changes that will come to pass once you begin to understand that this
> change is truly inevitable and that its rightful time has arrived.
> Change,
> on the scale at which it is occurring upon your world, is merely a
> reversal of the many calamitous events that took place nearly 13
> millennia ago.
> Those events led to the dark realm that is vanishing like smoke
> around you. Part of this process is a first contact with the Galactic
> Federation of Light. Our fleet is poised for a massive open appearance
> in your skies. This will not happen, however, until your world's major
> governments, almost simultaneously, make a formal announcement of
> our existence and of our benevolence. The only other available option
> is a formal request by the Spiritual Hierarchy for us to quickly
> complete
> our first contact mission by landing en masse upon your shores. Until
> then, we will continue our present methods of observing you. From
> time to time, we will be called upon to intervene, covertly, to keep
> certain items on the dark's agenda from manifesting on your world.
> Once you have requested us to do so, we will remain fully dedicated to
> the fact that we honor life. Do not believe any rumors that our actions
> have led to the death of anyone on your world. They are total
> fabrications and part of a massive misinformation campaign by the dark
> to cause you to question our motives.
> Above all, we are here to help and to inform you of the
> preparations
> for your return to full consciousness. We arrive to observe your world,
> to participate in it when necessary and to directly intervene when
> divinely appropriate. We take these obligations very seriously. We
> greatly appreciate all of you who have taken the time to commit
> yourselves to educate others about what lies ahead. At best,
> transformation is a complex process. Frequently, it leads to desperate
> conflicts, enormous misunderstandings, and extreme confusion, which
> make it almost impossible for such change to occur smoothly. You live,
> now, in the midst of a prolonged period of internal and external chaos.
> Serious questions are being raised concerning the validity of your
> systems of governance and finance, and even about the foundations of
> your world's many cultures. These debates are reaching a crisis in
> many critical arenas upon your world. At the same time, new
> paradigms are beginning to be realized. Indeed, in this epoch, the way
> in which your reality transforms will become more widely known.
> Primarily, this new paradigm is galactic. It allows your world to
> end
> an extended period of quarantine, imposed by its galactic neighbors as
> a result of the abysmal darkness that descended upon your realm. This
> darkness, part of an immense challenge issued to the sentient
> residents of your world, affected both you and your fellow guardians -
> the cetaceans. Together, you have watched as the dark's minions
> pitted you against each other in senseless slaughters. Whether these
> bloodbaths were wars or hunting expeditions, they kept you apart and
> created a feeling of intense division between you. Everywhere
> throughout your realm, some form of legal or cultural separation exists.
> Such alienation keeps you from fully perceiving and embracing your
> inherent connections to each other. Part of your promotion of this new
> paradigm will be to learn about your connection to, and your
> guardianship of, all life on Earth. Then, you will extend this embrace
> even further to encompass, with immense Love, your entire galactic
> family.
> During the past half-decade, we have watched you make vast leaps
> in consciousness. Much Light has shone down upon you from Heaven,
> and you have graciously used it to reform your reality's grids. Now, you
> are growing greater in the Light. Many Beings on your world are using
> their positions of power to aid the Light. We welcome and loudly
> applaud it. In many past messages, we have acknowledged them and
> asked you to give them your great Light. This, you have done. Today, a
> newly reconstructed grid surrounds your world. These three grids have
> shown the dark that its long-held agenda cannot possibly succeed.
> With your assistance, the sacred energies of Heaven have become a
> mighty shield and have helped our efforts, which we have offered on
> your behalf. Another window of opportunity lies directly ahead. We ask
> you to use this moment to help in manifesting your new reality.
> Your new reality is an effort shared among Heaven, you and us. It
> contains many different elements, each of which is based primarily
> upon two points. First are the specific degrees of the divine plan in
> which the Creator has established the parameters of your new reality.
> Second are your perceptions of it. They will determine its very nature
> and its effect on your ability to carry out your divine mission and
> unfold
> this sacred Creation. For these reasons, it is important for us to
> oversee your development and guide you when necessary. It is to your
> credit that you have adapted so flexibly to your transformation. You
> are, after all, emerging from a prolonged period of amnesia that has
> lasted well over ten millennia. You are also the victims of some of the
> most cunning minions in this galaxy, who have manipulated you for a
> very long time.
> In this era of your history, your progress toward the Light will
> enable you, once more, to become galactic. Truly, you are children of
> the stars and of the vast numbers of galaxies that form physical
> Creation. You are Beings whose abilities and wisdom are meant to be
> limitless. We make our appearance to emphasize this point. First
> contact is an operation by which we have grown and come to better
> understand what you became. Now, the time approaches for us to
> begin to prepare for our meeting with you. Although much is left to be
> done, you will easily accomplish it. Now, a growing commitment is
> needed from you to force the disclosures that will end the continued
> and persistent cover-up of our existence. We remain fully poised to act
> quickly once such a disclosure is finally made. First contact, dear
> Ones,
> is as close as tomorrow or as far away as a mere few years.
> In any case, our mission to contact you will only lead to your
> mutation into fully conscious Beings. Your new reality awaits you. It is
> your future. Whether that future is now or a few years from now is to be
> your last remaining 'free will' choice. Our mission will be to make this
> unfold as soon as divinely possible. Yours is to work toward ensuring
> that this transformation occurs as soon as you are able to perceive it.
> This mission is both difficult and simple at one and the same time. We
> ask you to join together and learn more about who you really are and
> what you can really do. Then apply yourselves, dear Hearts, and
> transform your world. In this, remember that we and Heaven fully
> support you. Know that you can always call upon us. We Love you
> deeply and wait anxiously to reunite with you, our cherished sisters and
> brothers of the Light.
> In this message, we have asked you to see your world again with
> new eyes. Consider this reality as the transitional illusion that it
> really is
> and then use your expanding abilities to change it. In doing so, you
> will
> become aware of the power of joint action and its ability to positively
> change the deepest perceptions of your global society. Remember that
> together, dear Hearts, you shall be victorious! We now take our leave.
> Blessings! Know that the countless Abundance and Prosperity of
> Heaven is yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in
> Joy!)
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> Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation (Spirituality, New-Age - Channeling)    -    Author : Jessy - USA

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