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My mother, sonali, and my brother karan and i pray in jesus name because he is a miracle god,loving god. He protects us and everyone who are honest in any respect .We see his miracles in our daily life. He cured my mother from a 11 pounds tumour which was a ovarian cancer. He healed her completely. My mother's 2 brother and her office people and my dad's mother and brother sent power of darkness that was cured with prayers.We pray from bible,Psalm 31 and 35 and Job.Now they made a trap for her to prove she was dead in cancer but god proved that she is alive. God himself spoke to the people that she is alive. Satan cannot be seen in mirror,has no legs,cannot go to temples,church,touch holy idols.People started to belive gods words and people realized that she is alive.PRAISE THE LORD. They made one more trap for her. Day and night she cries and asks for help.They are trying to make her mad or use her in wrong way and keep us away from her and make us do jobs.She prays to lord, crying,"help me"."take me out from this india"."protect us from evils".her life ,her dream from young age with mother Mary and Jesus was to serve poors, gospel,and build a church.Her brothers took away all her jewels.Her husband took away her property.Today she is a single lady with two childrens.No friends remain with her.Today her brothers want her 2 children for servents and have published all false information on websites.In John 14:14 god says whatever you ask in my name ,i shall give you so today i ask lord to free my mother from all these troubles and save her.Please pray for her in jesus name we ask for help.Plese forward this msg to as many as possible.If there is any church or orphanage ,etc out of india please tell us on akash.dhotre@yahoo.com .If you have any solution,gospel about jesus,prayers or problems you want to publish , please send it to akash.dhotre@yahoo.com

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