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Diamond the image of universal oneness


I am going to narrate a very strange phenomenon happening since the early part of 20th century encircling a person known as Diamond or Jibankrishna who was born in 1893 at Howrah Town near Calcutta(now Kolkata), India.
His achievement of God-the-Preceptor in the form of Sri Ramkrishna at 12 years 4months age and thereafter having spontaneous numerous divine realizations made him visualizing ‘Atma’ or ‘Soul’ or God in the form of God’s light as described in Upanishads at 24years 8months age transforming his image into the Soul of every human being and as a result, a miraculous incident began to initiate.
People started seeing him in dreams, meditations, trances even in reality without his knowledge. Later on they came to him, narrated their visions and then identified him as the same man seen in their visions.
But it was a strange thing that he was being seen by many when he was only 7years old. After long years the seers came to him incidentally and narrated their visions. It proved that he was so born.
Firstly Diamond used to discourage people about seeing him in dreams that these were hallucinations. But in early 50’s of the 20th century when countless people began to see him in dreams, trances, meditations and even in reality and narrated to him their visions, he realized that this was something else and after consulting different Upanishads he found that these phenomena were mentioned though they could not cite any examples. Later on he termed this phenomenon as Universal religion or Oneness which was called by Swami Vivekananda as ‘Point of Union’.
The most striking part of this phenomenon is that , even after his death in 1967, still innumerable people of all religions, sexes and ages see him in their dreams, meditations, trances and in reality and is spreading not only in our country but in many other country of the world.
Now what is the effect of seeing Diamond within the body? We have witnessed and still are witnessing the following effects : (1) The seer becomes purified in mind and feeling; (2) The seer sees different sportive forms of God through dreams; (3) The seer gets Diamond as God-the-Preceptor who guides and teaches the seer on spiritualism throughout his life; (4) The seer achieves perfectness; (5) The seer grows a sense of oneness with all within himself.
The theory of attaining Godhood and its proof has been mentioned in different Upanishads in various ways which are as follows:
BrihadAranyaka Upanishad(2.5.13) has mentioned-
“The shinning immortal Person who is in this mankind and with reference to oneself, this shinning immortal Person who exists as a human being- he is just this Soul, this Immortal, this Brahma, this All.”
Svetasvatara Upanishad(3..11) has mentioned-
Who is this face, the head, the neck of all; Who dwells in the heart of all beings; All pervading is He and bountiful; Therefore omnipotent and kindly(Siva).
KathaUpanishad (6.14) has mentioned-
When are liberated all; The desires that lodge in one’s heart; Then a mortal becomes immortal; Therein he reachesBrahma.
SvetasvataraUpanishad (4.3) has mentioned-
Thou art woman, Thou art man; Thou art the youth and the maiden too; Thou as an old man tottering with a staff; Being born, Thou becomest facing in every direction.
The era of Diamond reveals that a man may see all the sportive forms of God with all His attributes in dreams and becomes Brahma to be united with each human race bearing love for each other and be united in a point which is the first occurrence of its kind in the world history.

Diamond the image of universal oneness (Spirituality, New-Age - Self-development)    -    Author : Dipak - India

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