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Katirkamam is one of the rare places on earth, where grace descends in abundance. The mystery of this unseen power pervading this holy sanctuary cannot be unraveled by our fragmented intellect. What is required on our part is simple faith and devotion to receive the grace of the Lord of Katirkamam. The ancient and enchanting Katirkamam, the Deviyange Kaele ('the god's own jungle'), is today heavily impregnated with the inflictions of the modem age. Yet it is still very much alive with its divine radiance. The shakti and sanctity of Katirkamam transcends both time and space. Katirkama Skanda, the favorite deity of Sri Lanka, draws pilgrims in thousands.

At the Maha Devalaya in Katirkamam, the annual Esala perahera commences on the Adi Amavasai day -- the new moon day of the month of Adi, which falls on the 19th of July this year (1993) and ends on the Adi Purnima the full moon day of the same month which falls on Aug 3rd with the water cutting ceremony -- teertham at the Manicka Ganga. Here we see the worship of Murukan and the lunar cycle closely woven together. As always the new moon marks the beginning of the rituals associated with Murukan and ends with the full moon connoting fulfillment and total maturity of the deity.

What evokes the awe and reverence of the pilgrims there? Where in lies the magnetic pull, which has drawn millions of devotees throughout the centuries? Varying explanations are given by pilgrims for the happenings there, some at the gross plane and some at the subtle plane. Rare indeed is a devotee who has not at least one marvelous experience to share. Ancestral memory and the present day happenings bear witness to the thousands of miracles that have been enacted by the divine pray at Katirkamam. Millions of boons have been received by His ever abounding grace. Vows have been fulfilled. The peace and tranquillity of this holy spot has helped pilgrims to overcome the tensions of the modem life and open up new dimensions in their life.

The devotees who recognize and realize the supreme animating power there, and feel his unseen hand and divine grace every second of their life are the sublime beings who enrich the spiritual wealth of Katirkamam. It is said that a Sadkona Yantra was installed In the sanctum sanctorum of the main temple by Kalyanagiri a great tapasi, so that posterity could reap the benefit of Skanda Sannitya -- God Skanda's presence at Katirkamam. The subtle presence of the siddhars and tapasis who lived long years ago are felt by a few even now.

KATARAGAMA-ABODE OF LORD SKANDA (LORD SUBRAHMANYA,KARTHIKEYA.... (Spirituality, New-Age - Consciouness awakening)    -    Author : KATHIR - Sri Lanka

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