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A bomb has not been completed, but the USA is eager to test it

The Pentagon is going to test a new bomb in Iraq. This is a radiological bomb, the so-called E-bomb. The new weapon will allow disable electronic systems and power supply systems. The E-bomb can be used to strike chemical and biological objects, avoiding human victims. Needless to mention anything about the Americans “art” of striking certain objects.

The radiological bomb was developed at a secret base in the southwest of England. The bomb creates high-frequency radio waves, which work like an electromagnetic impulse of an A-bomb blast. This wave is capable of penetrating underground bunkers, where Saddam is allegedly hiding his chemical and biological weapons. The radio impulse will easily penetrate ventilation and cable systems. The bomb puts such systems out of operation, and it will not be possible to efficiently use weapons that are stored in these bunkers.

Washington continues to push in this direction.. The development of the new bomb has not been completed yet, but the US Defense Department intends to purchase and use it already, and to test it, of course.

The Daily Telegraph wrote that the civil population will be safe and sound. The bomb can have a very limited range. It can be delivered on a missile, a “smart bomb,” or on unmanned planes. When a bomb approaches its target, its condensers receive discharges, sending a powerful wave of energy. It will be possible to disable an entire infrastructure, disturbing television and radio broadcasts.

The mentioned newspaper did not dwell much on the subject of the new British weapon. The Daily Telegraph emphasized the fact that Iraq and its regime is a monster. The author of that article was definitely doing a job that someone ordered him to do. It was in particular written that Iraq might possess tons of poisons and many weapons of of mass destruction. There were 100 bolutism-infected bombs produced in Iraq before the Gulf War, as well as 50 anthrax bombs. The author of the article also wrote that Iraq possesses chemical substances that can kill a human in about 15 minutes. The list goes on with mustard gas and psychotropic substances. All of these things cause horrible pain to the human body. The victim suffers from nausea, terrible headaches, and suffocation. The article in the Daily Telegraph gives a detailed description of each disease and all of its symptoms. This "article" looks as if it was written for a medical journal.

PENTAGON TO TEST NEW BOMB ON IRAQ (Daily life - Others)    -    Author : JP - France

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