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ìPhysics meets paranormal – finding nearest openings to seven parallel Universes

The ultimate bending space and time results in finding the opening to the nearest parallel space and time. According to advanced researchers in Physics, there are seven parallel Universes. These Universes are so different in their perception that with conventional physics we can never find where they are and how they are. However, the concept of accelerating to speed much higher than light and take us to these parallels Universes through an opening in our vicinity. You do not have to travel a thousand light years into a black hole to go there; that is just one of the ways to approach the parallel Universes. But our mind and spirit has the psychic power that can make us travel through the nearest opening into the parallel Universes. Those who have experienced near death experiences move into these parallel Universes through the tunnel with a while light at the end of the tunnel. All of those who had near death experience report similar happenings.
How to explain it with physics? Our spirit or soul is a source of electromagnetic energy that can infinitively amplify if needed. Inner satisfaction of a soul results in elevation of this energy. It is also true that we move into these parallel Universes using intense electromagnetic flux with the help of dark energy. We just do not know how to do that. The problem is that if we try to do it using physical means we encounter a situation that is infinitely impossible to achieve. But accelerating through a black hole or applying dark energy in a suitable manner in the immediate vicinity theoretically can take us to the parallel Universe. But a much better way is to traverse to the parallel Universe through our inbuilt psychic power.
When our spirit is allowed freedom through death or through transcendental meditation, the unleashed electromagnetic flux crates the miracle – it finds an immediate opening to the parallel Universe in the close vicinity.
Religious prophets in various religions as well as those who have experienced near death experience the parallel Universes. Most of them report part of oneness and tranquility. They also report of completeness of knowledge.
It is true that we are slowly finding that electromagnetic fields and the change of that runs this Universe. The other parallel Universes may not work the same way. That is the reason what is energy or spirit in this Universe is part of tranquility and eternity in another Universe.
This has now been verified by Transcendentalist Kurt Kawohl from the USA. When he had a near-death experience in 1956 at age fifteen his soul traveled into a higher-level parallel universe. What happens to us after death has now been made clear. Kurt twice repeated this experiment in 2001 when he placed his body in stasis and used his psychic power via transcendental meditation to again access this parallel universe where spiritual life thrives. Some researchers believe that parallel universes exist in our immediate vicinity.
Please feel free to visit http://transcendentalists.org to learn more about Kurt Kawohl’s experience.

ìPhysics meets paranormal – finding nearest openings to seven parallel Universes (Spirituality, New-Age - Others)    -    Author : John - USA

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