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Extraterrestrial UFOs provide clues to advanced navigation and propulsion systems

Advanced navigation and propulsion systems are essential for ballistic and cruise missiles as well as space travel. Reverse engineering extraterrestrial technologies provides a jump-start in advanced propulsion and navigation systems.
The propulsion is obtained through antigravity and interactions of onboard superconductor based magnets with the earth’s magnetic field.
The biggest challenge comes from the side of stable and reliable navigation. Navigating an advanced next generation missile or spacecraft with unusual advanced propulsion and navigation systems is not an easy matter.
That is where software algorithms come into place. Extremely complex algorithms are needed to overcome the problems. The software literally has to look ahead all possibilities and through a predictive analysis guide the vehicle with appropriate propulsion and navigation.
The net results after application of the extremely complex software algorithm is still wobbly and sort of haphazard.
It was interesting to see the videotapes of some of the fast moving extraterrestrial saucers. They are equally wobbly and haphazard. But they do reach the destination right on time and right at the relative or absolute point.
According to experts, when electromagnetic flux is used for navigation and such advanced propulsion systems are used, the software controlled field variation makes it almost impossible for human eyes or brain to predict and follow the exact motion of the craft.
What is most interesting is the enormous speed that can be obtained through these mechanisms. While electromagnetic flux helps in stealth and navigation, far better propulsion can be obtained with dark energy or matter.
According to some, the whole key to this technology lies with the capability to writing algorithms that can handle unbelievably complex numerical analysis.

Extraterrestrial UFOs provide clues to advanced navigation and propulsion systems (Spirituality, New-Age - UFOs)    -    Author : John - USA

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