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Small Lighting for the summer

Description of a small system photovoltaic allowing me to light all the summer.
There are approximately six to seven months, it was the summer, I said oneself perhaps that external lighting could be carried out starting from solar energy. Let us make a little the accounts.

I need four things :

The lamps low consumption base E27 11W 12 V (equivalent 60 W) It’s good and you can find everywhere especially at conrad even if the lamps low tension are expensive.

Une des deux lampe 11W 12V
A solar regulator with limitation.It is for managing the load well and the discharge of the batteries. If you do not use they have one very limited lifespan. The friend conrad has all that in catalogue.

Le Régulateur de Charge Solaire
The batteries in recovery 12 Volts that fall well I also have that in the garage.There are used to store the solar energy of the day to restore during the evening.

Les batteries
Remained to calculate and find the panel who was well !

Let us see all that, two lamps of 11W that made 22W (not badly not) if I estimate that to drink the aperitif then to take the meal around 11 hours of the evening it is correct I fall on the formula of the century 22 Watts multiplies by approximately 4 hours that made 88 Watts per evening be recovered during the next day. I thus choose a panel of 30 Watts and I realize that it takes me approximately only three hours of sun to recover the power consumption the day before.

Le panneau de 30W orienté Sud
My calculations are good !!!!

I ensure you that it is very sufficient. Since I bought a small converter 12V/220V and I put lamps low energy 15 W 220V you can finds that in super market everywhere.

Le convertisseur 12V/220V 300W
Even the winter we benefit from the energy of the panel while knowing that there are approximately four times less sun. In conclusion this system is very practical and can be extended to the places or the current is not avalaible. I am sure you can find genius applications of this kind of small system. I join photographs of my installation to you so that you have some ideas.

Small Lighting for the summer (Daily life - Bio-construction)    -    Author : George - USA

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