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Extraterrestrial UFOs use electromagnetic flux as an effective armor as well as stealth

Defense scientists and engineers all over the world are finding that electromagnetic flux (eFlux) when used appropriately does not only provide effective stealth but also effective armor.
The cloud of electromagnetic flux always surrounds any extraterrestrial UFOs. These clouds of eFlux have low intensity glow and when used with high intensity can protect an object from most severe penetration force. Even gravity driven electron pulsating devices cannot penetrate the flux. Gravity is neutralized by an accelerating counter wave.
There are classified projects in many countries especially those with space exploration programs to use these technologies to build next generation armors for military installations, vehicles, aircrafts and space satellite.
Engineers are looking into creating the eFlux variation that can also provide the stealth. That is exactly what UFOs have. They use it for armor as well as stealth.
According to some, military central command and control posts can be hidden under the influence of eFlux . Some UFO researchers believe, there are underground tectonic UFO bases under the ocean and in many parts of the world. These are hidden under the tectonic plates and are especially large in numbers where one plate moves above another plate. But such bases cannot be seen easily – as a matter of with our vision or even IR night vision systems because eFlux provides the stealth.
It is also possible that there are planets that are artificially hidden from terrestrial “eyes” with these technologies. According to many in the world, there is a concept of Planet X – a hidden planet that may cause havoc for earth in 2012. No one knows its validity. But there are scientific reasons for not being able to see the planet or planets.
Using efflux for stealth and armor can be effective means of building impenetrable space station hidden from all knowledge.

Extraterrestrial UFOs use electromagnetic flux as an effective armor as well as stealth (Spirituality, New-Age - UFOs)    -    Author : John - USA

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