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Job Offer

Editing: sales / Marketing / Distribution
Within the context of our fast developing editing business, we are looking for sales representatives / marketing people preferably with previous sales and marketing experience in this field (French and/or English or both) and accredited distributors as well as potential partners in co-edition..
- Your remuneration will be based on 20% of your turnover, for life.
- The country is not an issue as you can work from any country in the world.
- Working schedule: your own (you set your own goals and time frame).

Sales and Marketing
(re the 3 editions : French, English and Spanish)
Three possibilities:

1) Authorised Agent
The authorised agent must have at least one copy of each existing edition. His role is to collect the orders from clients. He does not have to purchase any stock himself and his sales commission will be 20% based on the sales price fixed by the editor.

2) Authorised Retailer
The authorised retailer will benefit from a preferential tariff when acquiring a stock (according to the quantity he purchases). He will determine himself his sales price but his profit margin will be limited to 62%.

3) Sales / Marketing
Two possibilities

A) The sales/marketing agent has to identify a sales and/or distribution network or store chains in any part of the world. White Sadhu Publishers Pvt Ltd will compensate him as long as the intermediary contact is maintained with a commission of 20% on the turnover no time limitation.

B) The sales / marketing agent will have to identify and attract a publisher, offering him the book rights and exclusivity in his country (USA, Australia, France, Canada, UK, or any other country). White Sadhu Publishers Pvt Ltd. will reward him with a commission of 20% on the total wholesale deal.
Example: For a 400,000 US$ sale with exclusivity in the USA, your commission is 80,000 US$.

All commissions are paid directly by White Sadhu Publishers Pvt Ltd- through bank transfers only.



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