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Soul Healing and Enlightenment

Soul Wisdom is an incredible book by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. Master Sha is bring to the world the power of the Soul. The Soul has incredible power to heal, transform and enlighten. The following is my review of his book, Soul Wisdom. Soul Wisdom contains within the pages secret and sacred wisdom about the power of the Soul. Soul Wisdom brings to the world practical and powerful techniques that can transform you and all aspects of your life. The Soul has incredible wisdom to share with all of us. The deepest wisdom the Soul teaches us is who we are. We are unconditional love. It is through our awakening to the power of the Soul that we deeply come to know ourselves, the Divine and ALL SOULS. We are unconditional love. We are one. When we connect Soul to Soul with ALL Souls, we are creating oneness. The Soul Light Era is the time that All Souls will join as one in love, peace and harmony. We are one. With Soul Wisdom, we now have the tools to create oneness. Thank you Master Sha! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Soul Wisdom teaches you how to connect Soul to Soul through Soul Language, Soul Song, Soul Movement, Soul Tapping and Soul Dance. Using these Soul Power techniques are deeply empowering.
I invite you to open your heart and mind and ignite your Soul’s journey with Soul Wisdom. There is a wonderful Chinese saying- “If you want to know if a pear is sweet, taste it”. You can now experience the power of the Soul with Dr. Sha’s newest paperback edition of Soul Wisdom. This new edition contains within it 2 powerful Divine Souls: Divine Soul Language, and Divine Soul Language Translation. These 2 Divine Souls can ignite your Soul’s journey to Enlightenment and further your Enlightenment. This edition also includes a very beautiful and powerful Soul Song CD for healing the brain and spinal column.
I highly recommend ALL of Master Sha’s books- Power Healing, Soul Mind Body Medicine, and Soul Communication. Each will ignite your Soul’s journey. Dr. and Master Sha has dedicated his life to serving ALL Souls. Come experience his love, care and compassion for you. For more info on Dr. and Master Sha and the free healing services he offers to you, visit www.drsha.com.
May this serve you in all ways.
Love, peace and harmony,

Soul Healing and Enlightenment (Spirituality, New-Age - Consciouness awakening)    -    Author : Janine - USA

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